VAN Services

iConnect VAN –Transport and Manage your EDI data

iConnect provides a Tier 1 Value Added Network (VAN) service, giving you all the tools you need to simply, completely and cost-effectively transport and manage your EDI data.

Manage your own users and trading partner set-ups
Simple, predictable and affordable pricing
Month to month subscription with no long-term contract
Interconnects to all major VANs
Instantly restore archived documents
Hybrid option to review documents in human readable form
Transport and deliver any type of data to any trading partner
Web-Form transmission back-up services are embedded in the network
ASN self-certification services
Immediate access to your mailbag ID to track your documents
Email notifications of time-critical events
24/7 support

To learn more about the "Value" of our VAN, please contact us at and request our Value Added Network presentation.