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Established in 2000 and based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, iConnect provides a suite of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solutions and a team of industry experts to successfully handle all your trading partner needs.

When you need EDI, you need it done efficiently and reliably.
You need iConnect!

24/7 Support
No long-term contracts
Flexible subscription options
Hybrid VAN capability
Any-to-Any data transformation
36 months of self-service archiving

iConnect’s Suite of EDI Solutions

iExchangeWeb—Web EDI
Making EDI over the Web simple, effective and economical. Learn More
Managed EDI Services
A hosted EDI solution seamlessly integrated with your ERP system. Learn More
Value Added Network (VAN)
Transport and manage your EDI data.
Learn More
Supplier EDI
Successfully connect to your vendors and suppliers. Learn More


  • “Our previous solution was not working for us. Switching to iConnect was a very easy transition--within a week we had all connections established with our customers. The iConnect staff is available 24/7 to answer all of our questions and concerns, and if problems arise, will work with us diligently until the issue is resolved. We look forward to our continuing relationship with the iConnect team!”
    Sharon W., Materials Manager, SA Automotive
  • “Today, as the local administrator of EDI, when I receive notification from an OEM stating that a certification needs to be validated, there is no need to worry, iConnect has complete control of this request and all associated EDI processes. The support from iConnect has always been quick and responsive, even though calls are far and few between. iConnect is that good! With iConnect, we've experienced well over 99% uptime, and with such support and performance, we never plan on going back to onsite EDI processing ever again.”
    Diane P., EDI Analyst, FCC
  • “iConnect has been a long-standing partner, helping us save time and money when a full integration was not a viable solution. Their partnership has helped us gain new sales with creative solutions that streamlined internal processes, which saved us time and valuable resources. In addition, their support staff is extremely helpful and quick to respond.”
    Renee H., eBusiness Manager, Veritiv
  • “We had a client request that their orders be submitted to us via EDI. Our system was currently not setup for this, and we are so grateful for the team at iConnect! Everyone has been super nice, responsive, and made this transition as seamless as possible. We would highly recommend iConnect’s service to anyone!”
    Michelle Savina, Customer Concierge II, Imperial Graphics
  • “iConnect has been a trusted partner for many years now. Our relationship has improved our internal processes and driven significant cost savings. We have worked on many projects from setup to onboarding to highly customized needs such as labelling requirements, etc. They are always there when you need them. I love the iConnect team because they truly cared about creating a custom solution for our organization. Their support is unmatched with any and all requests being fielded almost immediately. We would highly recommend iConnect for your EDI needs.”
    Wyatt M, Inventory Analyst, National Engineered Fasteners, Inc.